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Laurie at one of the Miracle Services,  giving testimony about how she was blessed after Sharron ministered to her.

After being out of the ministry for 10 years, I attended one of Sharron’s miracle services. She didn’t know anything at all about me. Gods’ call on my life is to the land of Israel, and I had actually lived there for 5 years. Sharron began to speak and prophesy.  She said, “I see Israel in the palm of Jesus’ Hand and he is passing it over into your hands . God says that you will directly affect that nation.”  Then she said she saw me going to my mail box and something was being issued to me.  She said,”I don’t know what you do, but it’s like there’s an Anointing in Operation here.” That very day, in the mail, I received a package from the ministry which I had joined with, by the name of “Operation Exodus”!

Sharron has spoken over me 3 other times and EVERY time is totally accurate! I’ve also had friends come and every word over them is accurate. I have never seen a Prophet of God who speaks such detailed words of knowledge and prophecy.  God used Sharron’s words spoken over me as a confirmation to get back into full time ministry! I highly recommend her ministry to anyone                                                          needing to hear Gods’ heart!

Sincerely, forever, Grateful,

Brenda C.
Fort Worth, Texas

I was so blessed to attend Sharron Wesberry’s prophetic meetings in April and June and I  plan to continue to attend more meetings   in the future.  When I went to the first meeting in April – Sharron prophesied  that I was God’s benefactor. I was shocked! Because it was confirmation concerning the very thing that He had just spoken to me about several months prior through another prophet where I was attending a meeting in another state.  I knew then  that she was definitely the real deal and was hearing the voice of God because the word of God say’s out of the  mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established.  She also said some other personal confirming  facts as well.  One of the characteristics I noticed right away about Sharron as I watched her minister in the power and anointing of God is that she is very humble, very friendly and loves people.  She flows strong in the gifts of the Spirit and I can say that she is one of the most genuine, accurate, Seer prophets that I have come across in a long time.   I was so blessed while attending the April meeting that by the end of the service the Lord spoke to me to become a monthly financial partner to the ministry and that it was good soil to sow into.  In June, I was away on a private retreat with the Lord fasting and praying for three days.  During the second day of the fast I attended Sharron’s prophetic meeting.  When she called me out she began prophesying about the tree, vine, branches and fruit in my life.  I was so excited because she didn’t know that earlier that day the Holy Spirit led me to study John 15 which talks about the vine, branches and bearing fruit.  Also that same evening, I invited a friend of mine from my old church who I haven’t seen in a while but I knew enough about his life that when Sharron called him out and prophesied she was 100% accurate in everything the Lord showed her.

Sharron Wesberry Ministries is one that I strongly support on a monthly financial basis as well as an intercessor praying for her and her ministry.  I would encourage anyone to attend her meetings and support her ministry and also invite her to speak at your church or upcoming events because she is one of God’s anointed TRUE Seer Prophets in the earth today.  And that says a lot, because there are-  prophets who are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  She walks in a high level of honesty and integrity.  Sharron Wesberry is sold out to our Lord Jesus Christ and she is the real deal.

Felicia  S.

Plano, Texas

“Sharron Wesberry recently ministered at my church. In the seventeen years as Pastor, I have had many visiting ministries and all types of ministry. Sharron is a humble, dedicated Prophetess with an unusual depth of prophetic insight that gives detail and accurate words of wisdom and knowledge. She has also the calling of a Seer, as she sees into the spiritual realm of discernment and has deep revelations into the word of God. While here at my church, several people were converted and filled with the Holy Spirit, besides some being healed and delivered from bondages, oppression etc.. She has a well-rounded ministry that most do not have today. She believes in fasting and praying which is also much needed in today’s church world. She is one that “Hears what the Spirit is saying” today, and has an “Issachar” anointing to know the times and seasons in the Kingdom of God. She truly is one God has called to the Kingdom for such a time as this, especially at a time when our nation is at a crossroads and restoration for the church and nation is greatly needed. I believe God has raised her up at this present day to be a “Voice crying in the wilderness,” to usher in the Joel II outpouring and to go in the Spirit and power of Elijah; to bring this generation into the last great Harvest before the coming of the Lord. Out of the dozens of ministers I have had at Destiny Outreach Christian Center, my church, she is one of the best I have had here. I highly recommend her as a Prophetess, Seer, Minister, not only as these, but the fact that she lives a life of Godliness and one of integrity.”

Pastor V.O. Stuart,

Destiny Outreach Christian Center

I was told by Ms. Sharron, to trust in the Lord for my finances and not man.  I prayed and ask God to help me.  I had an electric bill that was two hundred and twenty dollars for two months.  I struggled to pay it.  My new electric bill, praise the Lord, was only two dollars…and sixty eight cents!  Praise the Lord for what he spoke through this ministry.  You are a true Prophetess.

Sister Carla,


Humbled By God's Incredible Favor and Accuracy as Sharron Listens to Doreen as She Shares A Word from Last Year that Came to Past.

Blessed by Gods’ incredible accuracy through words of knowledge operating in her life; Sharron listens as Doreen shares a testimony about a word she gave her that quickly came to pass.

“I have known Sharron Wesberry personally for a long time as a strong woman of God. She is an anointed Minister of the Gospel and gifted writer who hears His voice and gives Him all the glory. While she was in Oklahoma City I was on her ministry staff and witnessed people being healed and set free through the prophetic and healing anointings on her life. This ministry is worthy of support, as Sharron continues faithfully in ministering to individuals, churches, and nations.”

Outreach Pastor Mary B.

The Worship Center, Oklahoma City, Ok.

“I was invited to attend Sharron’s service by one of my friends from church who was in choir with me. I also brought along a young girl, Jamie, who I had not known for very long, and who lived in my apartment complex. She was about 19-20 years old. I kept telling her, “you are going to get filled with the Holy Spirit.” At this service, the three of us went forward for prayer. We were worshiping and praying and then all of a sudden, as Sharron was praying and prophesying over Jamie, she fell to the floor. She told Jamie that she would be a Missionary in Napal and that she would preach and speak against idolatry. Sharron laid hands on Jamie to receive the Holy Spirit baptism and was filled with the Spirit that night and prayed in tongues for a very long time. I later found out that Jamie already had a Bible that was one side English and the other side in the “Napal” language. A very short time after our attending Sharron’s meeting, Jamie moved to Napal and met a man. The rest is History.”

Jennifer Shacklett, Tulsa, Ok.

“We were blessed to have Sharron Wesberry of Fort Worth, Texas, as guest speaker to our ladies group. Sharron has truly been touched by the hand of God, and she walks in a level of anointing that only He can give to an individual on the earth. As a yielded vessel she pulls heaven down and the Glory comes in wherever she goes to do God’s work. She operates powerfully in all the gifts of the Spirit. As a Prophetess, she encourages, exhorts, and edifies the people with a prophetic insight that is quick and powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword. We have had many guest ministers over the past 15 years, but few equal Sharron in their devotion and obedience to God, and her powerful anointing. Supernatural experiences are the norm for her including signs, wonders, miracles, along with her miraculous testimony of her visitation from Jesus. I consider it a God connection to have met Sharron and highly recommend her as a guest speaker from the Church house, to the White House, and even on to the Queen’s Palace!”

President & Director Ann Barfield,

Beautiful Women of God, New Boston, TX.

“I went to Sharron’s meeting, which was my first, with a most unquenchable hunger and thirst for a touch from God, and my life was changed. I came expecting to receive and I did. God’s word does not return void. He said in Matthew 7:7, to “Ask…Seek…and Knock…” Not only did I receive healing in my back, (I injured from a fall), but also my shoulders, arms, and wrists. My shoulders were so painful I hardly slept at night. My arms and wrists would periodically go numb. I had been classified “temporarily disabled”, and had not worked for over a year. God healed me and made me whole at Sharron’s meeting. He not only healed my body, but through a word of knowledge, He renewed my broken spirit and put new hope in my heart. The manifest presence of God was so strong in that service, that it was like a pouring out of the healing balm of Gilead. I slept peacefully and without pain that night for the first time in months. All praises to my Jesus, and God bless your willing and yielded vessels through whom you work.”

LaDonna White,

Garber, Ok.

“I have found that Sharron’s ministry is truly of the Lord. I have been to her meetings at least four times and I have found that each time they get better and better. The Holy Spirit was truly in her meetings and many people were brought to Jesus and Baptized in the Holy Spirit. Miracles were happening everywhere. But out of all the meetings I have attended, this last one on Saturday was outstanding. Not only were people receiving miracles everywhere, but the presence of the Lord was very obvious there as we were praising Him. People were laid out on the floor in the presence of His glory. I have been before many ministries lately, but this one is truly special. When Sharron prayed for me not only did God show her all of the places that I had been sick and hurting in my body, but he also healed them. He also gave me answers that only He would know and put me in alignment with His perfect will for my life. I know that God uses Sharron in great ways for His glory, and she is truly His child and His messenger.”

Dolores Cloud, Oklahoma City, Ok.

“Sharron has a very genuine, prophetic anointing on her life and the Lord has blessed her with an extraordinary ministry. The Lord has used her to speak prophetically into our lives on a number of occasions, and in each case the words have been accurate and have, and still are coming to pass.”

Jim Abbondante, Lindale, TX

“I was so blessed to attend the Aglow meeting. When you laid hands on me, you touched precisely the tender spots I didn’t even know were there. I have battled with irritable bowel syndrome for many years. The word of knowledge was exact about my eyes. I had terrible visual problems for the last nine years, but now it has progressively grown better. When praying for my hand you kept saying, “carpal tunnel syndrome.” I had also battled with tendonitis for the past 8 years from an old injury. I realized after you prayed, the Holy Spirit showed me, it was that also. It had bothered me much more lately, but my hand is much better now and I felt the anointing that night.”

Mary Fulton, Bedford, TX

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