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Welcome to Sharron Wesberry Ministries where the “Light” of the Gospel of “Jesus Christ” is shining through the darkness! This is a ministry that brings hope to the hopeless and healing to hearts,  as Sharron preaches the word of God without compromise, and shares testimonies and experiences which dramatically impacts lives. Her goal is to bring many souls to salvation through her ministry as a prophetic Evangelist.  Her positioning as a prophetess carries with it a great responsibility but also an authority, which brings powerful deliverance from Satan’s strongholds and sets the captives free.   She operates in the gifts of the spirit through miracles, words of knowledge, healing, and as moved upon through the Holy Spirit’s power.  Her emphasis of Love is evident to those  individuals and crowds she ministers to, with the results being hearts stirred in Faith to receive breakthrough! She emphasizes the importance of being a genuine part of the Kingdom of God through living a Holy life in Him, and through the blood bought salvation purchased by His Son, Jesus Christ.

She speaks from the heart and experiences of a last day Forerunner who has walked through a depth of the miraculous, and has truly witnessed the faithfulness of God through many trials; being well acquainted with the costly anointing.  Lives have been profoundly changed, restored,  and encouraged as Sharron continues to be obedient through following where the Spirit of the Lord leads;  and is presently expanding in the area of media broadcasting.


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